Refreshing bed


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This refreshing bed is the perfect accessory
so that your little rodent spends a serene summer.
It will help your little companion to regulate his body temperature by bringing him a pleasant freshness.

Simple to use

Practical: no need for electricity or water! Put the crystal cooling box in the freezer for 6-8h. Once freezing has occurred, wipe off any frost that may have formed. Place the box in the acrylic shell.

Your little rodent will be cool for a few hours.

High quality

This summer bed is insulated so that your little pet is not bothered by the cold.

It is suitable for all types of small rodents such as hamsters, mice…


Do not exceed 12 consecutive hours of freezing.
Store this cooling bedding at room temperature when your four-legged friend is not using it.
Do not refreeze until the liquid in the box has melted.


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