Original cozy Lukas cat dome


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To enrich your cat’s well-being on a daily basis, it is essential to set up accessories allowing the expression of specific behaviors.

The dome with toy and scratching area ensures:

an anti-stress effect for emotional regulation.
thermoregulation via heat conversation.
natural claw wear.
entertainment that provides physical activity and mental stimulation.
A 3-in-1 accessory, the Lukas cozy dome for cats from the German brand Trixie is a complete accessory that perfectly meets the needs of felids.
Lukas cozy dome for cats and kittens
Made of polyester plush
Provides foam and polyester fiber padding
Features ears with crunchy fabric to stimulate your pet
Features a sisal scratching area
Anti-stress effect for emotional regulation
Helps your pet with thermoregulation
Allows the natural wear of the claws.
Hand washable removable cushion
Grey color


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