Manicure perch


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The bird perch keeps the legs healthy and avoids irritation problems.
Your little feathered companion has a comfort zone and easy access to their food.
He can thus observe the world and rest there for long periods of time.
This accessory allows him to behave as if he were living in his natural environment.
At least two or three perches must be installed in its cage, so that your little bird can fly happily from one to the other.

This manicure perch responds perfectly to the instinct of birds to sharpen their beaks and claws.

Simple to install

It attaches from the outside of the cage and can therefore be removed without disturbing your pet birds.

The perch must be adapted to the body of your small bird and the size of its cage.

We offer 3 support sizes:

20cm – 25cm – 30cm
Suitable for exotic birds, canaries and hooked beaks.


For optimal hygiene, replace the manicure perch often.


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