Cat tree Goliath 2 gray


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A new range of Goliath cat scratching post from the German brand Karlie Flamingo specially adapted to large cats like the Maine Coon with its large diameter posts to support the weight of heavier cats.
Scratching is vital for the cat. He gets rid of his dead claws to make room for new ones, beautiful retractile claws that are sharper and more efficient. It is a natural need, it is for the cat a means of marking its territory thanks to glands located under its paws.

Protects furniture and carpets from your cat’s scratches
Recommended for kittens
Thanks to its wide base, this cat tree is very stable
Easy to install anywhere
The + of this scratching post: it is ideal for large cats with its large diameter post
Very high quality sisal scratching post
Scratching post with padded platform for the rest of your cat
Grey color


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