Candy Wheel


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Intelligent food distribution that will allow your  to eat while having fun.

To collect his treats, your pet bird will have to spin the wheel and peck his rewards through one of the holes provided for this purpose.

An ideal toy against boredom to satisfy your birds’ natural need for entertainment!

Easy to install

This greedy wheel simply attaches to the cage bars of your birds in no time.
Just fill the feeder compartments. By turning the wheel, your  will be able to access each of the parts.

Maintenance tips

Wash the plastic parts in very hot water without soap or detergent.
Dry the metal parts well.
pet bird toys

A pet bird should have at least 3 different and varied toys in its cage. He will be able to occupy himself when you are away and stay healthy.
Exchange his toys at least once a month to prevent your  from getting tired of them and replace those that are too damaged.


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